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Ron Fasbender Northeast Florida Real Estate Ron Fasbender, Broker - GRI

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Mobile Phone:(904)465-3880
Office Phone:(904)573-2003

I have been a Real Estate Broker for over 15 years.
It's the most satisfying job I've ever had.
Helping people find or sell a home is not only my job but my privilege.
Seeing the happy faces of my customers after they've 
Sold their Home or closed on they're Dream Home gives me great joy! 

God Bless our Military.

Christine Booras Northeast Florida Real Estate Christine Booras, Realtor

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Mobile Phone:(904) 386-8412
Fax:(904) 733-9730

I was born and raised in Jacksonville and I KNOW my town inside and out.

For over 12 years I have been assisting sellers in finding their "true value", buyers in finding their dream home or investment property for additional rental income. 

I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Florida and enjoy working with people, facilitating transactions to stay on task until the LAST signature is completed.   

I am tenacious.

When I'm not working, I enjoy playing the bagpipes, writing and competing in traditional archery competitions. 
I am currently a member of the Florida State Animal Rescue Coalition, a certified fitness instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist and former K9 Frisbee and martial arts competitor.

Rick Corley Northeast Florida Real Estate Rick Corley, Realtor/Property Manager

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Mobile Phone:(904) 237-7348
Fax:(904) 399-0385

After retiring from the Toyota Corporation with 24 years of service I chose to embark on a new career in real estate. Prior to retiring from Toyota I had begun a rehab business and also started investing in Real Estate. I began by purchasing and rehabbing my own rental inventory, then moved forward and obtained my real estate license. I was able to help clients acquire properties and work with them throughout the rehab process sharing my expertise in this area. These clients also needed a resource for renting their homes after the completion of the rehab process which is how I came to form my rental management business. I began the rental management business due to requests from other owners/investors wanting better control of the properties with the emphasis on customer service. I currently manage over 100 properties in the Jacksonville Metro area (Arlington, Downtown, Northside, Southside, Westside). Contact me if I can help you to make your property work for you.

 Our focus is to find the most qualified rental candidate and to provide my clients the best customer service possible. 

 Rental Management Services include:

 =         Personalized Service with the emphasis on Customer Service, we handle all properties as if they were our own. 
Our rates are competitive and our service is an A+.

         Full Tenant Screening

         Full Rehab of your property (if needed)

         Maintenance Services

o   A Maintenance Team that handles the day to day service calls  and rehab if needed

o   Also we have partnered up with local service providers to provide quick, efficient and cost effective solutions for your rental properties.  All providers are licensed and insured.







         Full eviction services if needed

         Your choice for the level of service

o   Basic

o   Enhanced

o   Full Service  

At Continental Realty we value our clients and strive to provide the very best of service.

Ryan Harbison Northeast Florida Real Estate Ryan Harbison, Realtor

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Mobile Phone:(904) 349-1592

I was was born and raised in Northeast Florida. 

I have helped many people locally and buyers from out of state find property in Florida. 
My areas of expertise are in working with investors, 1st time home buyers. 

I specialize in finding homes for people in Northeast Florida, including Jacksonville, Nassau county, and surrounding areas.  

I also work with buyers and sellers for vacation homes, investment properties, single-family homes, waterfront property and property at the Beaches. 
My vision is to build a productive goal oriented business by providing quality customer service to all my clients and partners. Add value by providing technology-based research to help consumers make informed decisions.

Ed Henkel Northeast Florida Real Estate Ed Henkel, Realtor

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Mobile Phone:(904) 276-1992

Tony Valenzuela Northeast Florida Real Estate Tony Valenzuela, Realtor

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Mobile Phone:(904)568-9566

Tony's attention to detail and excellent customer satisfaction reputation is unparalleled

Lori White Northeast Florida Real Estate Lori White, Realtor

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Mobile Phone:(904)881-4059

Hi, my name is Lori White.

Real Estate is my passion as I have a love of architecture and interior design.
I have a background in residential investment property and I am a certified Real Estate Staging Expert.

Let me show you how I can sell your house in a shorter amount of time for a far better price.
Whether you are buying or selling, call me to get the personalized service that you deserve!

 …and remember,

Referrals are the key to my success!

Julia Sisk Northeast Florida Real Estate Julia Sisk, Broker, MRP

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Office Phone:(904)716-5403

Whether you’re looking for a castle on the beach or simply an investment property, I have the know-how.  I am first in sales, listings, and specializes in short sales.  From start to finish my loyalty to her client's is unwavering. 

I was rated "BEST IN CLIENT SATISFACTION" by Jacksonville Homebuyers.  In my spare time I volunteer with the USO, am a member of the Florida Animal Rescue Coalition, rehabilitates and releases injured wild animals, and am a retired hospice volunteer.  

I enjoy riding my horse, archery, and fishing.

Stewart Stewart "Stu" Covey, Broker

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Mobile Phone:(904)891-4099
Office Phone:(904)573-2003

Chief Petty Officer U.S. Navy Retired

I am a dedicated Real Estate Broker with 35 years experience in Listings, Sales and Management.
I have Listed and Sold properties for more than 25 Banks and lending institutions.

Since opening Continental Realty of Jax, Inc in 1992, we have served residents in
Baker. Clay, Duval, Nassau, St. Johns and Putnam Counties.

Steven Hon Northeast Florida Real Estate Steven Hon, Realtor

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Mobile Phone:(626)589-8863
Office Phone:(904) 573-2003
Fax:(904) 573-2008

The newest member of the Continental Team.

Steven comes to us with experience and motivation!

Lindsey Hill Northeast Florida Real Estate Lindsey Hill, Realtor

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Mobile Phone:(904) 651-9934
Office Phone:(904) 573-2003
Fax:(904) 573-2008

Continental Realty's bright star comes to us full of Real Estate knowledge and ready to help you realize the American Dream of home ownership! 

Welcome aboard Lindsey! 

Christian Ross Northeast Florida Real Estate Christian Ross, Realtor

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Mobile Phone:(904) 245-9451
Office Phone:(904) 573-2003
Fax:(904) 644-8315

Brand new agent looking to make her mark in the wild world Real Estate!
She is on track to do great things!

Jason Hudson Northeast Florida Real Estate Jason Hudson, Realtor

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Mobile Phone:(904) 312-2518
Office Phone:(904) 573-2003
Fax:(904) 644-8315

New agent looking to give you the best customer service!


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